Adobe’s Illustrator For Dummies: Beginning Steps And Basics

If you are familiar with Photoshop for photo editing, and you think the whole graphic art thing is cool, then you are on the pathway to making a lot of money by sitting at a computer. Graphic artists need to have an innate sense of colors, textures and art that, depending on the trends of the world, can either make or break their career (mostly make since you have to do what the client wants in the end anyway). But one of the greatest things about being a good graphic artist is that if you are dedicated and confident, you can make a lot of money from a single job.

Practice, practice and practice

Out of all the things you need to be completely confident about, Bézier would be the master method; this is the one method for bachelor in interior design batch toppers. These curves, paths and lines are your way to get to know how to draw with Illustrator what you want, and how you want it. Bézier can be a hard task to tackle, especially with the different tools you have to use at the right time and the right place in order to get what you need, but if you master this then you are good to go for life when it comes to drawing stuff with Illustrator. But in order to manipulate the tools and draw something, you will need hours and hours of practice to make sure you can get it right. Use points to control the shape of the curve and size, then you can use pen tool for drawings and adjusting the shape. You can add more control points and anchor points to allow you more leverage when it comes to manipulating the vector.

Using shortcuts

There are multitudes of shortcuts when it comes to using Adobe software, as you will come to know. When using Illustrator to draw something, knowing the shortcuts will save you a lot of time and frustrated hair pulling. You can use the Alt key and create points when using the pen tool, then you have separate shortcuts for each of the keys, then shortcuts for adding and deleting anchor points, shortcuts for changing background and foreground color selection and et cetera. If you want to get through your courses in Illustrator during your years of bachelor of design, then learn all the shortcuts before starting the software tutorials. Visit

Illustrator is hailed as the best way to draw something easily, and is the main software used by most companies. For graphic artists, Illustrator is one of the basics for creating the vector graphics as they can use other software for building up on the vector frame. So make sure to pay attention and do your own practices when you can.