Month: September 2018

The Importance Of English

English is a global language and now is very important for people all over the world to learn. In many countries, English is the second language that is included in the curriculum where children will learn English at a very young age.

Not many individuals know the importance of English, which is why this article will highlight the importance of English and why one should learn it.
Ten reasons as to why the English language is very important:

  • The English language is one of the most common tongues in each and every country. At least nine out of ten people are able to understand and speak the English language.
  • English for academic purposes has lead to the subjects such as computers, aviation, tourism, sciences and diplomacy grow. English allows one having a better change of getting a better job in international organisations in your country or even in global organisations.  Visit this link for more info on English for academic purposes.
  • Fifty-three countries use the English language that means that many individuals form the world’s population is able to speak and understand English.
  • Approximately four hundred million individuals use the English language as their first language.
  • The media industry uses English. This means hat when you watch a movie or listen to any other media you will not need any translations or subtitles to enjoy you favourite films, television programs, songs or books.
  • The World Wide Web uses English. Majority of the websites of the world is written in English, which will be very simple and easy to understand. Even the discussions tab and the forums use the English language as well to communicate.
  • As the English alphabet is very simple to understand, it is fairly easy to learn in comparison to other languages. English language examinations provide material such as ESL CDs or books to learn English as easily as possible.
  • Learning and knowing more about the language is a satisfaction. When you know you are making progress with a language, you will feel much better about yourself as well.
  • There are many schools all over the world that offers special programs in English. There are a lot of opportunities and course that you will be eligible if you get the required grades especially in the English language.
  • It is fun to learn this global tongue, which will help you learn about other global cultures. These will help you develop your habits, values and also have a better understand about other cultures that are different from your own.