Month: September 2017

What You Can Learn Abroad?

The traditional way to learn has always been within the space known as the ‘classroom’ since a considerable length of time. The classroom where a number of children – seated behind desks with their learning materials – are instructed by a sole teacher in front of a large white (or black) board is the staple of almost all countries. This process continues for almost all of the learning process, but recently, there have been inclusions of more unorthodox out-of-classroom experiences. The reasoning behind this is that not all knowledge can be provided within the frames of the classroom – and that experience always proves a better teacher than a simple textbook.

One of the unorthodox methods that have come to be popularly used – especially at the high school and university level – are what are known as ‘study tours’. These are very much similar to field trips, only that the destination is not local, but another foreign country. The most popular destinations of study tours Italy, Spain, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, the United States, etc. The advantages that many of these study tours boast are chiefly as follows:

New cultures – study tours open up a very obvious advantage: exposition to different cultures. Italian, Spanish, German, French, British, American cultures are all very vibrant and different cultures despite the common European/ Western background that links them all, and even students of these countries will find that these other cultures are very much different and interesting to learn about. Link here provide a high standard of Italian language.

New interests – by exposing oneself to new cultures, it is inevitable that new interests also follow. Each country boasts of specific activities and areas of interest – for example, each country has localized cuisines, languages, histories, traditions, sports, etc. that set it apart from another. A student gains an opportunity to witness these specific activities through a study tour, and gain an interest in them.

Socialization opportunities – study tours are not one-day affairs at the very least. They provide an extended time during which students spend time together. This is an ideal opportunity for the students to deepen relationships and improve upon their socialization skills and intrapersonal skills.

Experience – Furthermore, exactly because study tours are prolonged affairs, they also provide a chance for students to increase their independence and to learn to rely on themselves. The experience they gain through these few days will definitely come in handy not only when they will decide to visit another country, but also when they will begin to live away from their parents.

Memories – last, but not least, study tours are definitely going to be lasting memories for any and all students. These are activities that provide learning experience whilst being engaging and fun at the same time.